Logan Family Genealogy Notes


Dr Charles Logan m. Mary Pleasants

Charles was born ~1754 and died Jul 1794, Powhatan , Virginia [Will indexed under 1799.a, Va, Powhatan]58,59,60 Slaveholder: ìGray, John, aka Jack, mulatto, 21, ran away from Charles LOGAN, Powhatan Co. (VGAA 11 dec 84î (1784)ì

Married Mary H PLEASANT, dau og John Pleasants Sr and Mary Woodson. Mary was born in Henrico Co VA and died 13 Feb 1799 Bell MEade, Powhatan Co VA. Marr: 1779 [7,8...7th month, 8th day], At Friendís Meeting, High St, Phila82,12,83


* James (>1779-1805) [recieved land in Nantnell Township, Chester Co. from his uncle in his will. He was a merchant of Philadelphia and was lost at sea. He left legacies to his siblings and d.s.p.]

* Will own will abstract shows: Philadelphia, PA Y' book 1:320 Y' date Y' 1804 date proven 29 4 1805Remarks: James Logan. City of Philadelphia. Merchant. Legacies to sisters Sarah P. Carter, wife of Dr. James Carter of Goochland Co. in Virginia, Maria Woodson, wife of Robert H. Woodson and Julia Logan, both of Goodland Co., Virginia and to Harriet Logan of Philadelphia. Rem. of estate to his bro. Charles Franklin Logan. Exec: Thomas Fisher, Samuel Pleasants and George Logan.

* Sarah P ìSallyî [Sarah Pleasants] (1781-1827) married 1800 to Edward CARTER [born 1769, died after 1801]. One child known of union. She was of Goochland Co., Va in her broth James' will of 1805.

* Maria Virginia [married Woodson] ìMariaî married first Robert H WOODSON , Va Lawyer and graduate of William and Mary at Wiliamsburg [an as yet unproven, but highly suspected GGG Grandson of our direct John WOODSON] , and 2nd William Fauntelroy CARTER , of Va, with children of both unions. She was of Goochland Co., Va in her broth James' will of 1805.

* Harriet [Harriet M] (1780->1853) [See the page dedicated to this our direct ancestor] She was "Of Philadelphia" in her brother's will of 1805, but married twice in Virginia, the second marriage yielding our directs.

* Julia [Juliana] (1788-1836) married Neil [Neil McCLOUD] McCOULL, a merchant of Virginia, with 5 children of union known. She was of Goochland Co., Va in her broth James' will of 1805 in which she is not yet married.

* Charles Franklin (1793-1883) married Sarah Wharton ROBESON [1799-1877] . Three children of union. Mentioned in his brother James' will; married Nov. 15, 1815, children: JAMES, born Sept. 26, 1816; died Dec. ig, 1866, unmarried. SALLY ROBESON, born May 14, 18ig; married JAMES SIMPSON NEWBOLD. CHARLES, born Dec. 2, 1821; died July 3, 1822.


William Logan m. Hannah Emlen

William was born 14 May 1718 in Philadelphia PA, died 28 Sep 1776 in Philadelphia PA.

Hannah was born 1 Jun 1722, died 30 Jan 1777, daughter of George Emlen and Mary Heath.


Dr Charles Logan see above

Dr George Logan born 9 Sep 1753 in Stenton PA. Senator of PA and Doctor, knew Benjamin Franklin in Paris. Studying Medicine in London and Edinburgh. Married Deborah Norris.

James Logan

Dr William Billy Logan died 1772, young.

Sarah "Sally" Logan married Thomas Fisher merchant in Philadelphia.


James Logan m. Sarah Read

James was born 20 Oct 1674 in Lurgan Arnaugh Ireland, died 31 Oct 1751 in Philadelphia PA. Sources: "An Account of the Fisher and Logan Families" by WIlliam Logan FIsher written in 1839, published by Wakefield. Another source is Deborah Norris-Logan's "Memoirs" of her husband, Dr and Sen George Logan, grandson of James Logan. James Logan was friend and secretary to William Penn. James was also a Quaker, as were all the Logans. 1688, apprenticed 6 months to Edward Webb, linen draper in Dublin. War made his parents call him home to Lurgan. In 1693, his father left him in charge of the school for quakers in Bristol. Wanted to go to Jamaica and be a trader, but mother refused this plan (had lost 7 children in childhood, just James and William survived). In 1699, William Penn offered to have him serve as his secretary in America. He accepted and sailed with Penn on the Canterbury in Sept. Trip lasted 3 months. Contentious and influential Penn politician--strong supporter of aristocracy over democracy. Became wealkthy as a fur trader and merchant. Was one of the provinical councillors, judges and other public roles until old age. Skilled diplimoat who negotiated on good terms with Indian tribes. Also a very learned, scholarly man who in his retirement wrote articles on botany, mathematics, and philosophy. Friend of Ben Franklin. Built (1728) and lived at his grand home, called Stenton, now within the city limits of Philadelphia. Indian Chief Logan was named for him. At his death, gave his 3,000 volume library to the city of Philadelphia--became the Library Company of Philadelphia, but still called "Loganian Library".

Sarah was born abt 1692, died 16 May 1754. Daughter of Charles Read and Amy Child. married James Logan 9 Dec 1714 Philadelphia If James is the grandfather to Charles, then Sarah is definately the grandmother. BUt if John is the grandfather to Charles, then the grandmother is unknown.


William Logan see above

Sarah Logan b Dec 1715 Philadelphia PA.

James Logan Jr

Hannah Logan


Patrick Logan m. Isabel Hume

Patrick was born East Lothian Scotland, died Bristol England. Master of Arts, Edinburgh University. Was chaplain to the wife of a scottish peer at Senton, his own native place in East Lothian. Then became a Quaker. Then went to Ulster and found a position as schoolmaster at Lurgan, County Armaugh, Ireland. The army of James II attacked this area. In spring of 1689, the family feld back to Edinburgh (hardships).1690, Patrick was invited to be schoolmaster in Bristol, England. In 1693, he returned to Lurgan, where it was now quieter

Isabel was the daughter of James Hume and Bethia Dundas. "had connections with several landed families in the lowlands, but sacrificed her position to become a quaker." James Hume was the son of Sir Patrick Hume and Elizabeth Mopntgomery (see below). Bethia Dundas was the dau of James Dundas. James Dundas was the son of David Dundas an Marjory Hamilton. Marjory was the dau of John Hamilton.


James see above

William Logan b 1686, d 1757) Famous physcian in Bristol, married Anna Parsons.


Sir Robert Logan m Isabel Hume?

Robert was born 1590 in Restalrig, Edinburgh.

Isabel was the daugh of Sir Patrick Hume and Elizabeth Mopntgomery. Elizabeth Montgomery was the dau of Sir Neil Montgomery and Margaret Mure. Neil Montgomery was the son of Hugh Montgomery and Helen Campbell.


Robert Logan m. Jonet Ker

Robert was born 1555 in Restalrig, Edinburgh Scotland, died Jul 1606 at Canongate, Edinburgh Scotland. 7th Baron of Restalrig---helper Kirkaldy and Maitland hold Edinburgh Castle for Queen Mary while she was imprisoned in England. 1608 posthumously disgraced & executed for possibly participating in Gowrie Conspiracy plotting death of King James IV...his children were pardoned in 1616 but the family never recovered its former status and possessions.

Jonet was his second wife, first was Margaret Seton.


Robert Logan m. Agnes Gray

Robert was born 1543 in Restalrig, Edinburgh, Scotland. Died 26 Aug 1561.

Agnes was born abt 1540 in Buttergask, Perthshire, Scotland, daughter of Lord Patrick Gray and Marian Ogilvie.


Robert Logan m. Elizabeth Home

Robert was born 1505 inb Restalrig, Edinburegh, Scotland.

Elizabeth was born in Fast Castle, Scotland.